Buying Property in Thailand and Phuket is becoming more popular. And here, as elsewhere in the world, much more profitable to build a villa, you buy a ready-made.

Company Genesis – modern construction company, leading its activities on the island of Phuket, Thailand. We build high quality and meet our obligations on right time.

Genesis company offers a wide range of services including design, development, architecture and construction documentation project of any complexity, its approval and subsequent construction of “turnkey” including all communications, as well as the reconstruction of buildings of various types.

Among the diversity of the supply of land on the island of Phuket, the company will help you choose Genesis site to your requirements, check documents and accompany registration of the contract of sale (or lease) and the registration in the Land of the committee, an expert evaluate the possibilities of your site.

Genesis Company develops, coordinates and conducts the examination of projects of any complexity. We will help you to create your own project.


Genesis company came to life almost any of your desire or an idea of what it is you want to see your future villa. Our architects and designers will find the best solution for the finalization of any of your project to your needs. Finally you will get exactly what you want and at the best price, with no intermediary margins.


  • Development of architectural design concept of residential and non-residential property,· Interior Design,
  • Creation of design and construction documentation
  • Calculation of cash flows from the initial planning stages to the final stages of the project,
  • Coordination of the project and obtain permits for the construction,
  • Interior design and selection of materials interior decoration,
  • Selection of furniture and placing an order for production,
  • Landscaping.



Modern technology construction features clear planning, and precise adherence to the plan of construction. All the works are divided into stages. The steps of works include:· Reduction of the land in accordance with the specified requirements,

  • A network of rain and sewage drainage,
  • Laying of communications
  • The construction of foundations, beams, floors, stairs,
  • Construction of the roof,
  • The construction of wall constructions
  • Laying of internal communications and installation of sanitary equipment,
  • Carrying out electrical work,
  • Installation of windows and doors,
  • Work on interior decoration,
  • The unit of air conditioning and ventilation systems,
  • Conducting facade decoration,
  • Work on the landscaping surrounding area.

Genesis Company agrees to you and your project will connect to water and electricity networks, and get permission to drill a well, will hold a telephone, Internet and television.

We will help you to register a property in the property in the Land Committee of Phuket and get a description of this property.

We build quickly and accurately!

You gets a good property for a reasonable price!



Thai law is diverse and understanding the intricacies of the sometimes not so easy, it is done only by professionals. Genesis of qualified lawyers ready to solve all your queries related to the acquisition, sale and lease of land and real estate, legalization of documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, to assist in the registration of a Thai company and represent your interests in all state institutions of Phuket.


Planning a long trip or a move to Thailand, Russian citizens have to consider a number of legal requirements of Thai law for foreigners to comply with visa regulations and the implementation work.Genesis company will provide services of visa support, obtaining a work permit, an invitation to enter, getting multiple entry visa, residence registration and notification of state agencies, organizations visas for family members.


Come to us with ideas – we will create a project and coordinate its construction!

Bring your building plans – we will give you a better price!

Built in time and help you to get your new property in the property!