Investment in overseas property

Today, one of the most reliable investment tools is property abroad.

Housing estatesestates Genesis Royal Villa and Genesis Central Villa are the most promising areas of development of tourism in Thailand and in Asia in general. These projects are characterized by a high level of comfort, excellent location, quality and reliability. This high quality project has created an alluring, attractive appearance of suburban housing. Buyers or investors have a number of reasons why it is more profitable to purchase homes in these communities. Firstly, the area is purely residential. Secondly, the special design of houses will make investment or home unique and attractive in its appearance. Thirdly, savings are achieved on public utilities by spreading the costs over a number of houses. Fourthly, it is expected that the development upon completion will appreciate in value to cover borrowing costs, legal fees and other related costs.

A loan will give you great leverage to invest in the property market. Genesis Vilas company offers buyer’s an opportunity to invest in our unique projects through our favourable lending program. Please refer to our information on our Lending Program

Our company offers you unique property management program which will help you produce an income stream and increase your wealth.