About us

Genesis (Genesis Rawai Co., Ltd.) – A construction company in the property market in Thailand. The company was founded in 2008 and has been active in building and villas, townhouses and apartments in Phuket.

Genesis company offers a wide range of services including design, development, architecture and construction documentation project of any complexity, its approval and subsequent construction of “turnkey” including all communications, as well as the reconstruction of buildings of various types.

Our laboratory of architecture and design will give you a unique, thoughtful, easy-to-life architectural concept and exclusive interior design. Your project will be original and recognizable as functional. Your participation and suggestions on all phases of design will reflect your personality. Building a high-quality!

New building technologies and provide high performance and high reliability of the result as soon as possible. We build in time!

Professional study of the project to minimize construction costs, the optimal selection of materials and the choice of design solutions will best meet your requirements. Building a budget!
Our focus on quality construction and customer satisfaction strengthens and extends the range of orders, our clients and customers to “transfer” from our hands into the hands of his friends, our reputation is strengthened. Recommend us to your friends!

Our business strategy is based on current practices in the field of construction and architecture and aims to build quality and finish, allowing you to develop projects and implement them at the highest level. We create for our customers worldwide sustainable economic value, allowing them to save time and money.

Company Genesis – Modern Construction Company, and in time to meet their obligations. The driving force behind the company are its staff, graduates with experience in the real estate development in Thailand.

We have extensive links with leading Thai companies are working with all the relevant government agencies, including local departments of planning, land management, business development department and the tax authorities.

Price policy of Genesis:

Fixed price contract,
Retention rates in the course of construction,
No additional work, contingency and overhead
Construction progress payment.

Come to us with ideas – we will create a project and coordinate its construction!
Bring your architectural and construction job – we will give you a better price!
Built in time and help you to get your new home ownership!